If you are planning a permaculture project for your property, it may be wise to get advice, and even practical help, from an expert in the field and I am glad I can help. Getting things right the first time saves a lot of time, effort, cost and disappointment in the long run, and may be well worth the initial investment.



It is all about designing and mentoring those who wish to design Regenerative Landscapes…

I am a consultant, designer and a mentor and my designs are essentially rooted in Permaculture. The design methodology is inspired by the science and art of Permaculture Design. And the outcome is a regenerative landscape which is not only functionally efficient but also aesthetically pleasing.



  • If you are choosing between sites and would like to consult me to ensure that you choose a site wisely to build your permaculture paradise, or you need advise for any thing else, browse HERE.
  • If you have a site and would like to design it yourself, I am happy to guide you and hand-hold through your journey. There are many ways this could be done. Browse HERE to explore.
  • If you have a site and you need a professional to design it into a regenerative, functional and at the same time, an aesthetically pleasing landscape, again, there are many ways to work it out. Browse HERE to explore.
  • If you wish to take up Permaculture Design or Teaching Permaculture as a profession and are not sure where to start, I will be happy to guide you. There can be an overload of information on the web and otherwise and it is important to start with the appropriate material. Equally important is to choose your teacher, mentor or course wisely to suit your requirement. I am happy to help you kick-start your journey. A pre-booked appointment at my office is great. I do not ask for a contribution but would be happy to keep in touch to know how you walked your path.

If you need a consult for a unique requirement which is not one of the above, please feel free to connect with me. When needed, we also have our associates and colleagues who specialise in different fields and can assist.

In either case, the best way to start is to drop us a line or make a call.


I travel extensively for work and to learn and am often booked ahead with work. It would be a great idea to pre-book an appointment just to be sure we can connect.