“We contacted Jyoti for design consultation for our 2 acre farm, and are absolutely delighted with the design concept given by her. We found her approach to work thoroughly professional and systematic. She has rich experience in permaculture design through the implementation in her own farm, as well as the inputs she gained from training under renowned permaculture gurus and also visiting various permaculture gardens world over, and this experience reflects in the designs she delivers to clients. She understands the needs of the clients like us, who are new to farming, and considers our feedback positively. She is a very friendly person, who encourages us to ask questions and always promptly answers all our queries. We have just started the implementation of the design given by her, and are hopeful of creating our own green paradise in a few years’ time”.

– Krishnasri (Client – Design consultancy)


“It was really wonderful experience! I learnt a lot of new things. It is indeed very creditable that you have created this oasis in the surrounding desert! There is one thing I would like to suggest. When I talk to my friends, they seem to have a great misconception about Permaculture that though it can certainly be self-sustaining, it can never be commercially viable project. I certainly don’t think so. I am sure, a seasoned permaculturist like you can develop a small area just to demonstrate that it’s indeed a misconception. I would love to remain in touch with you and exchange a few ideas, though it will mostly be a one way traffic. All the best to you and Hemank!

– Shekhar Pathak (Visitor, Chaitraban)

Thank you so much Shekhar! I would have loved to work on a commercial model. Only, by being a designer, my vision of treeing up bare landscapes around the cities keeps me on my toes and looks like it will be a lifetime! But I will be very happy to guide and share learnings with anyone who wishes to build a model, while learning from them myself…will love to keep in touch and learn!


“We had a great experience when we visited your farm at Chaitraban. It was lovely to see your farm and the different ways in which various eco systems are working in tune with each other. We saw how the different zones have been developed, the beds on which various tress and vegetables have been planted, the various pathways and the water bodies that have been created. What was noteworthy was that every main plant had a nursing plant and that made mulching so easy.

We then decided to have you visit our farm and give us your inputs too. Your visit to our farm and your inputs were super useful. After we came back from your farm though we saw the need to mulch and create pathways and vegetable beds, we didn’t know exactly how to go about the same. When you visited the farm you gave us useful tips about how we should plan our water system. You had a great sense of direction and recognition of the slope of the land due to which you were easily able to tell us how to create our contours and vegetable beds and water pathways. You also gave this very useful suggestion of covering the south and the west side of the house with some kind of a roof on which live creepers can be grown. We had planted bamboos on many of the embankments in between the farm which you advised us to ideally remove from those places and create a single large bamboo patch on one side of the farm to avoid shade and bamboo mulch in the middle of the farm. That was a very useful suggestion and we do intend to shift our bamboo plantation to mainly one side of the farm.

Jyoti it has been lovely knowing you and your work. You have been very forthcoming and helpful and extremely generous with sharing all your knowledge (as well as seeds) so openly with us. I can say happily that you actually set us on the path of permaculture and it has been a lovely and a completely enriching experience. Thank you so much! I am sure that over the years we will learn much more from you”.

– Shabana Diler, Pune (Client- One time consultancy and site visit)


“What struck me most during my visit to Chaitraban was how well Jyoti had put  her permaculture knowledge, design skills and principles to good use. I loved seeing the different zones and swales along the contours with trees and their inherent ability to not waste a  drop of rain water and let it get absorbed in the soil. 

I salute Jyoti’s passion, planning, patience and perseverance which is the foundation of permaculture and farming. In 5 years she has been able to transform a barren piece of land to paradise. Her ability to make mistakes, learn and re-implement is great and speaks a lot  about her character to openly discuss mistakes and find solutions. 

Chaitraban is all about harmony and co-existence. Being a farmer myself I could sense the vibrancy and happiness of the plants. When I see her place it gives me great hope that one day my farm will be self sustained and with abundance like Chaitraban.
Jyoti ,from the bottom of my heart I wish you every success in whatever you do. You are a great ambassador not only for permaculture but also for sustainable ecology and I am sure all your Permaculture gurus will be proud of what you have achieved. May your tribe increase“.
– Suneet the Pranik farmer


“Had heard a lot about you among permaculture enthusiasts but a visit to your place made me realize the reason behind the same. The work and dedication that you have put in at Chaitraban is as amazing as your enthusiasm about it. Hope you keep inspiring many more people”.

– Ninad Sonavane  (Visitor- Chaitraban)


“What a joy it has been to see the amazing designs and synergistic systems Jyoti has produced in a short period of time, she is such an inspiration…India and the whole Permaculture community is blessed to have her leading by example”.

– Jeremiah Kidd (Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher)


“We consulted Miss Jyoti Deshpande for converting our hardly an acre plot into a permaculture farm.
Almost two years after having made changes as per Jyoti’s recommendations, our small piece of land seems have got a complete makeover and a much desirable one. The very look and feel of the farm has changed.
The water retention capacity of the soil and its fertility has increased multifold which has directly got translated into multifold increase in the production. We are able to produce more variety of vegetables and for longer period of the year.
Jyoti is thorough with her subject. She is extremely professional and punctual. After having surveyed our land she promptly gave us the drawings of her plans. All hand drawn!! Amazing!
She offered practical solutions to executing permaculture methods as per our requirements as well as specific needs of our land. Her recommendations are precise, inexpensive and in sync with the ways of nature.
Even after the expiry of contract she continues sharing information and knowledge and giving her inputs.
Her friendly nature and pleasant personality apart from her enthusiasm to share her expertise made working with her an enjoyable and enriching experience.
We are still always in touch with her for any new development to be made or for any other advice/suggestion for that matter & she is all the time happily guiding us perfectly.”

Pallavi and Anand Dhoot, Pune (Client-Design consultancy)


If you are in Mumbai or Pune and want to experience a fully functional Permaculture farm, then Chaitraban is the right place. Permaculturist friend Jyoti Deshpande has done an amazing job. From smart design to intelligent water harvesting, from effective use of chicks and ducks to creating habitat for pest-eating birds, Jyoti put the theory into practice with great precision.

For almost barren land, her strategy of planting trees, nitrogen fixtures and creating soil with mulching proved successful.

Her enthusiasm to explain each concept in detail and that too in scorching afternoon Sun is amazing. Though because of smart placement of trees, we didn’t felt much heat.

I wonder, if, in the middle of summer the farm looks so beautiful, what would be it’s beauty during monsoon.”

-Samir Paleja, Sr. journalist. Chitralekha, Mumbai (Visitor-Chaitraban)