The main aim of the curriculums that I help participants to explore through courses and workshops is to bridge the gap  between  theory and practice of Permaculture, mainly design. The courses/workshops are aimed towards introducing a whole-systems approach to design regenerative landscapes and the curriculum is so planned that, anyone, irrespective of occupation, age and background will benefit from exploring these.

The curriculum for the workshops is in the form of either a series of one/two day workshops or a series of short courses. 

The curriculum for the PDC is the internationally recognised 72-hour PDC curriculum as recommended by Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture. This is strengthened by more sessions and activities.

The online support around the workshops/courses includes reference material for the participants to explore in the comfort zone of their personal spaces.

I am working with resource people to also include trainings for necessary relevant skills like nursery management, working with bamboo, irrigation, water management, grafting and pruning of plants and the like, in the times to come.


What I am looking for

If you think you can contribute/collaborate with me for the above in any way, if you have special skills that you think you could teach and could be useful to participants of such courses,  or you hold courses and workshops for such skills and would like to collaborate, you are most welcome to drop in a note with details and I will be happy to work on it and include it in the curriculum, if it fits in.

Even if you have any ideas, please write an email and I will be glad to have suggestions.





For participants

If you are exploring permaculture or would like to know more about courses and workshops, simply drop in a line…