Part-time PDC 2021 in Pune

Unable to attend the standard 72-hour residential Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC)?

Unable take time off work and/or home for those many days?

How about a Part-time PDC?

First, the good news!

Finally, I am working on a part-time Permaculture Design (Certificate) Course curriculum!

(While I work on the curriculum and talk to resource people to be a part of the facilitation team for an enjoyable and fruitful experience, I would like to know how you like the idea. If you do think otherwise, your views and opinions will help me greatly to make this work for people who wait for an opportunity to start their magical journey of Permaculture)

And now…the better news!

Where will it be held

The course will be held in PUNE city in two different venues. The curriculum will be so divided that some sessions can be held in the city and some on a farm at a driving distance of about 30 minutes from the city! This is for the convenience of staying in Pune city or at home when the participants are from Pune.

More details…


Core- Jyoti Deshpande

Guests- From the Permaculture world and from the industry, according to the area of expertise

Tentative dates

For four months starting 2nd January, 2021

Almost all Saturdays – 8 hours and

A few Sundays- Four hours

(Final dates will be shared in some time)

What will we cover

The standard 72-hour Mollisonian curriculum

Additional hands-on activites and guest sessions for most topics discussed


To be decided

I will love to have your feedback about the above and to know if you would like to be a part of the part-time PDC in Pune. As I work on fleshing out the curriculum and the course, the details will be sent to people who send in the feedback. They will also receive the invite to join the course before it is launched.


Participation in the course will be limited to a handful for a more fruitful experience!

Warm regards,

Jyoti Deshpande

And if…

You are still to be introduced to Permaculture and Permaculture design, hop on the next Permaculture Design Foundation-I workshop held in Pune. For more details, browse on

or simply connect with me on +919820139910