A commerce graduate from Mumbai University and with almost two decades of business experience, I am formally trained to be a Permaculture Designer and a consultant by Rico ZookJeremiah KiddSteve McGrane, Clea ChandmalDwarkanath and Geoff Lawton.

After completing the first Permaculture Design Certificate Course, I started learning by working hands-on in India and abroad by volunteering at farms and gardens. Armed with formal training and work experience I went on to work on Chaitraban, our small homestead, to retrofit it to a Regenerative Permaculture Design.

It has been an amazing learning experience to complete the Permaculture Teacher’s Training with Jude Hobbs and Rico Zook in 2017.


When I am not working at my desk, I am usually backpacking, making new friends, learning new things, volunteering on farms and gardens or having a rendezvous with my best friends – the plants and animals at our small homestead. They are my energy stores!


A permaculture design can convert an eroded landscape into a regenerative and abundant functional and aesthetically beautiful landscape. Let us make a difference…

For details about the offerings of consultancy please refer to my WORK.


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