Feedback from students

Permaculture design foundation-I

A very humble bubbly teacher , Mrs. Jyoti Deshpande, absolutely breaks your worldly view towards nature and brings you into reality and the birth pains that nature deals when clashing with humans. Her depth of knowledge I think is a gift from God, and the best part is that she shares this gift with the others in the most simplest, yet a way , that stays with us forever. It has made me see the reality of nature,in depth, where she has helped me in connecting not just my eyes or thoughts,but also the heart towards nature. My just 2 days experience with her has made it easier to walk towards our dream. And this is really going to get the best out of us . When the view towards nature changes, it will remain with you forever. Thank you so much mam.

Two days awesome.

God bless you for your Love towards what God has made.

Jyoti mam, you have just given me ‘ wealth’, which will always remain with me. Had a very comfortable learning with the liberty to be ourselves. Space for exploring with guidance. Every doubt was cleared with no hesitation, clear explanation. One can totally start working in the mind as you teach. Looking forward for more.

Food for thought( for others )-Practice permaculture and it  will make one realise , what kind of humans we really are and what we ought to do.

– Meenal Fernandes, Aatman, March 2020

“A comprehensive introduction to a fascinating subject with someone who is very knowledgeble and passionate about her subject!”

– Jan Ali, Aatman, July 2019

“The workshop left me with more curiosity and eagerness to learn more about the whole systems. Truly inspiring and humbling, a little depressed abouth the situation we are in. Thank you for being so kind and giving and for sharing this precious wisdom.”

– Rashmi Dabir, Aatman, July 2019

“It was a very good course I have attended after a long time. I have gained knowledge on permaculture. It was mostly theory. You could have 20% to 30% practicals.”

– C. Konar, Aatman, July 2019

Thank you Konar for your valuable feedback! With one and a half day, we could cover two assignments and a hands-on of using the A-frame. I will be planning longer workshops of three days or more where we will be able to work outdoors more and learn by working on a model – Jyoti

“Really like the course as Jyoti condensed all the lengthy explanations of PDC to something everyone could understand. And the inportant thing I learnt was that permaculture can be applied to all aspects of life, not just land. Like her passion during the course. A little different than the orders.”

– Charmaine Paes, Kamshet, September 2018

“Jyoti, you made sure that everyone took everything you intended them to learn. Thank you so much! Would have loved detailed talk on design aspects.”

– Sachin Adhikari, Kamshet, September 2018

Will be sure to conduct a workshop on the design methodology soon! – Jyoti

“It was an excellent starting point for whosoever wants to start a permaculture design course. Looking forward to much more.”

– Sameer Adhikari, Kamshet, September 2018

“The workshop was beyond my imagination. Especially the way you covered the ‘the permaculture ethics’ and ‘trees and their interactions’ and the ‘connections map’. Please take short courses continuously and share your in-depth knowledge.”

– Pushpa Hosangadi, Kamshet, September 2018

“I attended Jyoti’s PDF-I and my take-away from this apart from the knowledge was how I need to care for the soil.”

– Rama & N. Rajgopal, Kamshet, September 2018

“The workshop was very inspiring. For me, who had zero knowledge, Jyoti made everything easy to comprehend and accessible. The co-student interaction was brilliant and I learnt oodles from there.”

– Manoshi Nath, Kamshet, September, 2018

“The session was good but real slow! The first day was tiring for all. There was so much thinking to do that people were tired and went to sleep early. They did not chill. I was hungry all the time. Would love snacks next time.”

– Prithvi, Age-15, Kamshet, September, 2018

“Thank you Jyoti for such informative workshop. Since you mentioned that this was your first session, wanted to let you know that the ever-smiling face and the cheerful way of conducting the session made this workshop fun, but would be looking for a mix of practical and theory like the last session (use of A-frame) we had.”

– Nishant Payal, Kamshet, September, 2018

“Jyoti’s clarity of concepts is good and this reflects in her delivery, interaction and captures the attention of both people, with agri and non agri backgrounds. Look forward to more such interactions in the future on permaculture. Would appreciate if handouts on curriculum and also books are offered (even for sale) to the course attendees for reference material etc.”

– Ipshit Gohain, Kamshet, September, 2018

“I really liked how concise yet informaive the course was. Was not expecting so many revelations in one weekend. Would love to be informed about additional courses being held.”

– Saloni Shah, Kamshet, September, 2018