The Permaculture guru from India

It’s an absolute crash course of Permaculture! Narayan Reddy, organic farmer, pioneer and an activist talks about the themes of Permaculture ( Food, soil, climate, culture, clothing, economy and  invisible structures!). He explains the whole lot of things without jargon, in a simple language that a layman could understand. This is important, because, let us face the reality… if a layman could understand professional jargon, what was the need to learn! 

Hear it from Narayan Reddy himself. He does not only talk, but practices what we now call, Permaculture, which was once our culture, in India. We have had pioneers in India and we will continue to have them…It is an honour to meet him in person and learn.

To know more about him click here and here and to enter into the quick experience of enlightenment click on the video…

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