Permaculture gardens are beautiful!

“Oh, I am sure your garden grows all the wonderful food that you want, but it is so wild!”

“I will love to have an edible garden but what happens to my lovely roses!”

“All I see growing in a permaculture landscape is row crops! Where will I grow my fruits, annual vegetables and where do I relax to enjoy the landscape I worked so hard for?”

Permaculture gardens are those wild looking plots of an untidy mess? Its time to think again! Chaitraban started as a home in an orchard, retrofitted to a permaculture design and now is a beautiful home with a lovely planned permaculture landscape with fruits, flowers, vegetables, root crops and birds and bees…It is time the lawns and bottle palms in the manicured gardens are replaced by edibles and flowers to invite the birds…

Permaculture gardens are beautiful! 


Beautiful hardscaping from local resources

Some luxuries fitted in



Food looks beautiful
Diversity is the key
Birds love the paradise and the bees collect pure nectar
All while growing nutrition all the time feeding a healthy body and a clean soul
The annual vegetable patch is the gym for a healthy you!
Growing more and more abundance as happy, healthy years go by!

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