Marigolds on a tree!

This plant has great potential in raising the soil fertility in soils depleted in nutrients, and yet it is so easy to grow! Propagate by cuttings in a good season or simply wait for the eager volunteer plant to grow from the seed dispersed naturally by wind, and you will be rewarded by a flash of bright sunny yellow in the garden beds! 

Peter and Rosie had generously shared many cuttings of different plants, from their very productive garden and almost all the cuttings survived. I couldn’t wait for the plants to grow to be able to harvest. Out of these, there were only two cuttings that still didn’t seem to be taking root, and eventually after a couple of weeks, I forgot all about them.

After two months, on a weekend I walked to the area in the corner of Chaitraban and the view was like I had never seen at our small homestead, for, right there before my eyes, was a bed of beautiful huge yellow flowers! Bees swarmed over them and I could see fluttering butterflies! The blooms smiled at the afternoon sun and didn’t seem to be bothered about the heat at all!


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